Alice Phoebe Lou for Rolling Stone Magazine

Summer and I found myself back on the east coast of South Africa shooting Alice Phoebe Lou for Rolling Stone Magazine, just ahead of her tour with Rodriguez, aka Sugarman. I had known Alice for a few years and met her in Berlin when she was busking. I was unsure of what to expect on this particular shoot because I had never shot with elephants before, though they live on a private game reserve and are somewhat used to people, they are still unpredictable and wild. We had limited time to shoot, I chose fifteen minutes before sunset and the energy and results were magical. The shot of Alice and the elephant with their heads touching was an unexpected and unplanned moment, and one of my favourite of my images to date.

The series appeared in the May 2016 issue of Rolling Stone Germany entitled “Wild Life”, with an article and interview by Ralf Niemczyk detailing Alice Phoebe Lou’s rise from busker to international singer and artist.

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