women portraits

Crescent Moon

I met Conny as I left the station, I was waiting for a friend outside when she walked by, and I stopped her asking if I could photograph her. It was a hot day during Berlin summer, but as life goes on and reroutes our paths, we only met some time in November; the sweltering temperatures had iced, the winter had arrived.

Her apartment was in a charming old building in Neukölln, she told me she moved in long ago. She has been a social worker for many years and seemed satisfied and tired, that kind of work is rewarding and taxing, she said. Conny is beautiful, of course, she’d had a hard road, for reasons of privacy I won’t get into that, yet what I found so enigmatic about her was not only her beauty and gentleness, but a certain kind of wisdom and melancholy in her eyes. It was real, raw light that came through her, and with it, a darkness.

I felt, when I looked at her, how I feel when I look at the crescent moon.

Conny in her Berlin apartment.

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Mame, for Soul Design Jewellery

Portrait from the lookbook for South African made Soul Design Jewellery shot in Cape Town. Shot at Big Time Studios, beautiful Senegalese model Mame came in from Paris and Alice Coloriti did make up.

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Cass, Berlin September 2018

I met her on the train in Prenzlauerberg. I startled her by tapping her on the shoulder while she had headphones on. I’m always surprised when people I approach are so open and trusting about being photographed by a stranger. Cass is an artist from LA. Glad I took that train.

Cass outside my apartment. She said it was the first time she’d worn this coat in months. It was the first chilly autumn day in Berlin some day in September, the sky gave up, felt like overnight the colours faded, farewell blue hues and golden rays, instead an ashen veil loomed over Berlin. And just like that, the summer was over.

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