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Kreuzberg's Gentleman

I saw this beautifully dressed gentleman waiting at the bus stop in Kreuzberg with his full suit, hat and cane. His posture and poise were regal, he looked like a character from an old film. Ibrahim stood out in that busy street, most were casual in shorts and t-shirts holding ice creams smoking cigarettes and in company, he was alone. I had seen him around the neighbourhood and wanted to approach him but I held back, something told me he probably wouldn’t want to be photographed and as such I hadn’t taken the chance. Weeks later I saw him again. I spoke German and he was kind, soft-spoken and agreed to a portrait. We moved to the side of the street facing the park and after three shots the bus halted in front of us and off he went. This was the third shot.

Ibrahim in Berlin, August 2018.

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Cass, Berlin September 2018

I met her on the train in Prenzlauerberg. I startled her by tapping her on the shoulder while she had headphones on. I’m always surprised when people I approach are so open and trusting about being photographed by a stranger. Cass is an artist from LA. Glad I took that train.

Cass outside my apartment. She said it was the first time she’d worn this coat in months. It was the first chilly autumn day in Berlin some day in September, the sky gave up, felt like overnight the colours faded, farewell blue hues and golden rays, instead an ashen veil loomed over Berlin. And just like that, the summer was over.

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